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The Norwegian language is fun to learn.  Verb conjugation is much easier than most languages.  You will recognize many of the words: arm, albu, hånd, finger, legg, kne, fot, tå.   And the language is very literal and descriptive.  A polar bear is an ice bear (isbjørn); a racoon is a washing bear (vaskebjørn).    A hike is a foot tour (fottur).   Of course there are those interesting three vowels added to ours:   æ, ø and å.


There are several ways to get started. Gone are the days when you only learn in a classroom. Technology has given us all access to online learning how, when, and where we want.  It is best to learn from a native speaker.


The International Sons of Norway web site has language lessons.


Through the Missoula Public Library, you can learn on-line through Mango. On the Library web site, search under Collections and scroll down to Digital Items.  Mango Languages is included in the list, then type in Norwegian.


Another good beginning source is the Pimsleur program on CDs. A simple book is Norwegian in 10 Minutes A Day.  Babbel has a Norwegian course.  


There are Learning Apps for Norwegian from Babbel, Pimsleur, uTalk, mondly, duoLingo and others.  Coffee Break Languages has One Minute Norwegian with weekly podcasts.

There are Skogfjorden immersion language camps presented by the Concordia Language Villages in Bimidji, Minnesota.   There are camps for young people and adults.


There are many language programs on YouTube.

            Learn Norwegian Naturally

            Norsklærer Karense

            Norwegian teacher – Karin



Once you have learned some basics, there are on-line University courses:


St. Olaf College:   Learning Norwegian Online

University of North Dakota online course

Distance Learning Course through the University of North Dakota

The Scandinavian School and Cultural Center

University of Olso (  A free four-week beginning course  (Future Learn)

NOW – Norwegian on the Web, beginning course from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology


You can travel to Norway to learn at the Oslo International Summer School


Ha det gøy!   (Have fun!)

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